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Water & Environment Engineering

Our environmental services aim to facilitate sustainable management of water to ultimately reduce impacts on the environment from the development and construction industries whilst achieving acceptable social and economic outcomes, We provide leading technical services in the fields of stormwater treatment, hydraulic modelling, localised flood analysis and Integrated Water Management (IWM). In combination with our civil expertise we are able to extend our services throughout all phases off development from feasibility and design to construction supervision, project management and contract administration.

Our key environmental services are described below:

Stormwater Management

Stormwater management is necessary to mitigate impacts from development on the health of downstream waterways and also to control adverse drainage impacts to upstream, downstream or adjoining properties.. Our stormwater management services include:

  • Feasibility and design 
  • Water quality and catchment management 
  • Water sensitive urban design 
  • Natural channel design 
  • Stormwater flow management including hydraulic modelling 
  • Management of water runoff quality and quantity from contraction industries

Overland flow flood analysis and hydraulic modelling

Westera Partners provides flood reporting on various scales from single residential lots to river stream analysis and hydraulic structures design Often the purpose of flood reporting is to determine building floor levels and to identify any impacts to upstream or downstream or adjoining properties from potential developments. We pride ourselves on accuracy of reporting and apply great emphasis on developing cost effective solutions to flood affected developments. Our flood related services include: 

  • One- dimensional river hydraulics modelling 
  • Overland flow flood studies 
  • Major hydraulic structures design including large culverts 
  • Risk assessment 

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a necessary tool which can be applied when developing master plans for large scale development and also when identifying project concepts for small scale developments.  Legislation also requires a more integrated whole of life risk based approach to safety in design on all projects over $250,000.  Westera Partners combined expertise in the structural, civil and environmental fields enables detailed master planning of large scale developments in relation to water supply, wastewater network, stormwater management, and civil infrastructure including roads, bridges and culverts.  Risk assessment is often teamed with multi-criteria analysis to identify options able to best meet the desired triple bottom line.

Our capabilities include

  • Collaborative approach as required to meet legislative requirements
  • Comprehensive hazard assessments framework
  • Strong risk assessments with effective mitigation strategies
  • Safety in design reports tailored to project requirements
  • Detailed multi-level SWMS with clear go/no-go gates