Westera is constantly seeking staff to join our expanding teams.

Benefits / Core Values

Westera Partners is a business owned and operated by the Partners where our people make a difference. When you join Westera Partners you will immediately feel like this was your best career decision. Mentoring and collaboration are very important, and each person will form an integral part of a specialised team. Training and development opportunities are regular and you will be recognized for your contributions.

At Westera we adopt the following core values with each value impacting the way we operate and the projects we complete:

  • Customer Focus – know and care about our customers, positive experience.
  • Achieve Together – work inclusively as one team, value contribution, encourage.
  • Embrace Progress – stay informed, remain agile, actively coach, and accept mistakes.
  • Act with Integrity – do the right thing, give and expect your best.

Westera offers both professional and personal employee benefit programs with the list of offers constantly increasing. At a snap shot we have an Associate Program, Mentoring Program with succession pathways, Employee Referral Program and a range of social events throughout the year including the favourites such as Melbourne Cup celebrations, a run club, and monthly office events.


We’d love to have more talented people on board to expand the current positions in our company.


Current Positions

Senior Structural Engineer, GC
Full Time

Location : Gold Coast

  • Design and manage a variety of quality and technically challenging structural projects
  • Unleash your creative flare
  • Join a high energy environment with a team of dedicated professionals

Civil Designer, Northern NSW
Full Time

Location : New South Wales

  • Join a collaborative team of high performing engineers and designers
  • Be rewarded for your efforts in a positive fun culture
  • Make a difference in a growing division of a well established group

Graduate Structural Engineer, Northern NSW
Full Time

Location : New South Wales

  • Kick start your career surrounded by experienced Engineers
  • Exposure to a large variety of projects
  • Be a sponge in an environment excited to see you grow

Graduate Civil Engineer, Northern NSW
Full Time

Location : New South Wales

  • Get the right foundations for your career
  • Be a part of a developing and motivated team
  • Join a positive, friendly and fun culture

Graduate Civil Engineer, Gold Coast
Full Time

Location : Gold Coast

  • Be mentored by an elite team
  • Full exposure to a vast array of projects
  • Join a fast moving, energetic environment and kick start your career

Graduate Program

Contributing to our community and the future skill set of the Engineering Industry are important elements at Westera Partners. Whether you have graduated from University or you are looking for Work Experience as an undergraduate we are looking for candidates with motivation and passion to join our industry.

When your new to the workforce your best teacher will be your colleagues. Our succession pathways are in place for our Graduate Engineers as they join teams to be mentored by our Senior Engineers. You will be exposed to an endless variety of projects and techniques utilizing the latest technology and gaining real world experience.

Once you complete our 4 year graduate program you will be a confident professional engineer with an opportunity to build your own team at Westera. Mentor your own graduate engineer whilst continuing to receive support from your own Senior mentor.

If you would like to apply for a graduate position or even work experience as an undergraduate engineer please email your resume, academic transcript, application letter (including your preferred office and discipline of engineering) and resume to HR.

Staff Testimonials

Nathan Pearson, Senior Civil Engineer

You work out the culture pretty quickly – do a high quality job and provide high-level customer service. We all work as a team to meet these goals.

It’s a great environment for your career development – you can learn as much as you want.

Jarrod Gullis, Graduate Structural Engineer

It is important to be surrounded by as much experience as possible. At Westera Partners I am lucky to have just that, with some of the most well-informed mentors at my disposal allowing my development to be accelerated.

Kieran Swan, Civil Engineer

I work closely with our designers and drafters to produce a design that is not only compliant, but considers cost and constructability. It is rewarding to be part of a team that works hard and strives to service our clients’ needs and deadlines.

Bridgette Court, Graduate Structural Engineer

I’ve been able to ask a million questions, which has made me feel professionally supported and allowed me to extend my skills and continue to learn. I’m a people person, so I’ve loved being able to meet and interact with so many different clients and builders. One of my own projects is about to go to construction.

Jared Hill, Senior Civil Engineer, Associate

When I first started as a young engineer I found the approach the engineers at Westera Partners took refreshing and admired the attention to detail and pride in the quality of work that left the office. I experienced fantastic mentoring and achieved my chartered status within 5 years of starting with Westera Partners and have since moved into a senior role where I now have the ability to return the favour and work with younger civil engineers at the firm.