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Urban Development Projects

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Urban Development Projects

Westera has supported its clients in the planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and operating infrastructure and is ever mindful of the need to protecting the well being of the public and environment whilst improving existing urban infrastructure and amenities.

Our urban development staff have been delivering this service for a wide range of project types since the late 1990’s, with an emphasis on practical cost effective solutions larger projects  whether they are large scale lifestyle resorts, commercial and industrial developments,  or major arterial roads requiring bridges, overpasses and flood and environmental management and land acquisition considerations.  We utilise the latest technology and industry knowledge available to ensure the best-cost efficient solution is obtained while still maintaining the integrity of the development for both the present and future use.

We have the required commercial and project management skills and systems to meet your needs and examples of our services can be found under our urban development project gallery.  If your considering progressing  similar projects be assured that Westera Partners can provide an all round cost effective service and deliver leading edge design solutions to support successful and timely land development applications and project delivery.

Our urban development project services encompass a wide field of disciplines to ensure a complete service to all clients. Typical services provided are:

  • Flood analysis of local area flooding 
  • Road design (private/public/arterial/bridge/overpasses/culverts)
  • Earthworks design and modelling
  • Waste water drainage design – including detention and re-use options 
  • Water supply – potable and recycled mains analysis 
  • Management of Electrical/Telecommunication study services and interface 
  • Management of traffic, noise, culture and heritage, and flora, fauna, and aquatic  environmental studies
  • Site supervision of construction works
  • Contract administration services

Westera has the scale, technical skills, design tools and commercial capabilities to support large scale urban development projects with our team facilitating and co-coordinating all  such works, liaising with authorities, negotiating, and integrating key requirements into your finished design.

Our services have been employed on numerous projects, some of which can be found under our civil project gallery, from small single lot residential subdivisions to large multi residential, commercial and industrial developments, Westera Partners can provide an all round cost effective service and deliver leading edge design solutions to a wide variety of land development applications.