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Safety in design & design certification

Westera’s design processes commence with risk assessments and safety in design processes which draw upon the extensive knowledge and experience of our most experienced team members.  Westera conducts training programs and audits to ensure continuous improvement and compliance.  This assists our clients/owners and principal contractors in meeting their legal obligations and our detailed processes help all parties understand, mitigate and manage construction and whole-of-life risks for the project.

Westera also provides full design certification of its designs to all relevant design standards, building codes and other agreed requirements as required by legislation.  All work is overseen by experienced Partners and Associates in line with our rigorous quality standards.

Inspection & design certification of works

Westera can also provide detailed site inspection services including inspection reports and inspection certificates for all Westera design aspects.  These can prove vital to ensure –

  • build quality (construction complies with design),
  • improved safety, and
  • legislative and contractual compliance requirements are met.


  • Collaborative approach as required to meet legislative requirements
  • Comprehensive hazard assessments framework
  • Strong risk assessments with effective mitigation strategies
  • Safety in design reports tailored to project requirements
  • Detailed multi-level SWMS with clear go/no-go gates


  • Design compliance reports to meet contract requirements
  • Design certification (Design certificates – Form 15-Qld)
  • Site Inspection reports and Inspection Certificates ( Inspection Certificate/Aspect Certificate – Form 16-Qld)