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Civil Engineering is the application of planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and operating infrastructure, while protecting public and environmental health, as well as improving existing infrastructure.

Our Civil Engineering staff have been delivering this service for a wide range of project types since the late 1980's, with an emphasis on practical cost effective solutions to land development for residential, commercial and industrial developments. We utilise the latest technology and industry knowledge available to ensure the best cost efficient solution is obtained while still maintaining the integrity of the development for both the present and future use.

Our services encompass a wide field of disciplines to ensure a complete service to all clients. Some of our services provided are:
-   Site supervision of construction works
-   Contract administration of civil engineering projects
-   Flood analysis of local area flooding
-   Road design (private and public)
-   Stormwater drainage design - including detention         and re-use options
-   Waste water drainage design - both new and                 alterations
-   Water supply - potable and recycled mains analysis
-   Earthworks design and modelling.


Our services have been employed on numerous projects, some of which can be found under our civil project gallery, from small single lot residential subdivisions to large multi residential, commercial and industrial developments. Westera Partners can provide an all round cost effective service and deliver leading edge design solutions to a wide variety of land development applications.