Westera Partners are a highly skilled and practical group of engineers that pride themselves on creative design solutions to minimise construction costs while accommodating and maintaining architectural and client design requirements.  Our team is technically talented, motivated, approachable, and committed to ensuring the success of every project.  Our finished plans are clearly and thoroughly documented which leads to increased efficiencies during construction saving time and money.



Our structural services team are committed to delivering innovative, cost effective and practical design solutions. With a focus on client satisfaction ahead of profit, our team strives for successful and on-time project delivery, drawing on the skills and energy of our staff to achieve the high standards we set internally for each project.More



Civil Engineering is the application of planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and operating infrastructure, while protecting public and environmental health, as well as improving existing infrastructure.More



Our environmental services aim to facilitate sustainable management of water to ultimately reduce impacts on the environment from the development and construction industries whilst achieving acceptable social and economic outcomes. We provide leading technical services in the fields of stormwater treatment, hydraulic modelling, localised flood analysis and Integrated Water Management (IWM). More