Petersen Road


Petersen Road
Petersen Road

Project Petersen Road

Location Caboolture

Project Engineer Bret Arthur

Residential subdivision (one lot into twenty three). Existing single lot residential alotment was to be subdivided up into twenty three separate residential alotments. External catchment from western park area feeding into and through site. The existing road intersection on Peterson Road needed to be modified to allow safe access to site. Existing stormwater and sewer mains in Peterson Road needed to be altered and diverted to ensure adequate capacity still maintained to suit new development.

Large detection basin proposed in the south east corner of site to ensure no increase in peak stormwater discharge flows. To maximise the useable site area for development the bio retention basin (needed for water quality) was incorporated into the same footprint as the detention basin.

A pleasant residential development which has maximised the saleable area available while still maintaining aesthetic landscaping outlook for the majority of the sites.