Menser Street


Menser Street

Project Menser Street

Location Calamvale

Project Engineer Brett Arthur/Samuel Ide

High density residential townhouse development (two storey buildings). Existing site sloped to rear of allotment. Legal point of discharge for both the sewer and stormwater was nominated at a location 180m to the west of the site, this would require the extension of the sewer and stormwater through an existing council parkland. Removal of trees in the parkland was not to occur and disturbance to tree root systems was to be minimal.

To ensure the construction of the sewer and stormwater did not adversely effect the existing tree root system a combined shallow trench system was proposed with a tree arborist on site directing the construction. The alignment of the sewer and stormwater drainage was altered several times to ensure no damage to tree roots, where this was not possible horizontal directional drilling was to be undertaken.

The use of on site supervision and modern drilling practises has enabled the construction of the stormwater and sewer systems to occur where conventional construction would have resulted in the project not proceeding.